'Return of the Roamers' Scatter Event

7 May 2021

A pilot event as a step towards returning to motorsport.

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We're very pleased to report that our (and indeed Wales') first motorsport event this year was a resounding success!
Having trialled a slightly different format to 'the norm' we're thrilled that all 8 crews had a thoroughly enjoyable and challenging evening on the lanes of O.S.Map 115. We sincerely hope that this event has served as the necessary catalyst to kickstart our motorsport programme this year, and we look forward to welcoming our members back to more events very shortly!
Congratulations to Dion and Osian (and Kevin) on the win, visiting an impressive 24 of the 30 possible points!

Dion Bee / Osian Davies; Skoda Octavia VRS - 51 points.
Will Hughes / Deio Hughes; Volkswagen Golf - 43 pts.
Joe Ankers / Gerwyn Jarrett; E350 AMG - 40 pts.
Rhian Jones / Huw Gwyn Jones; Vauxhall Astra - 30 pts.
Karen Thomas / Gruffydd Thomas; Volvo V70 - 20 pts.
Mike Jones / Liz Wakefield; Mini JCW - 16 pts.
Elis Hardy / Sion Rowlands; BMW 1 Series - 13 pts.
Lee Threadgold / Sion Jones; Peugeot 206 - 12 pts.
Daniel / Tom Lingstrom; Subaru Impreza - DNF.


We are pleased to restart motorsport in our area with the Return of the Roamers Navigational Scatter, which in a bid to get events moving, will follow a slightly ‘alternative’ format.

In order to minimise the additional complexities of Covid social distancing regulations, etc., there will be no prescribed start or finish venues. Instead, the event will take place wholly on OS Landranger Map 115 (Snowdonia) in the area defined below. Competitors will be issued a clue ‘fill in the blank’ sheets ahead of the event to print off at their own leisure, and will then be sent the instruction/clue sheets via email and WhatsApp on the evening. Note these sheets will be formatted in such a way as to be legible and usable on a phone screen if need be.
On completion of the event when the overall time is up, you will be required to take a photo of your ‘fill in the blank’ sheets and send them via WhatsApp to the organisers for marking.

The area used will be on map 115, not crossing the following gridlines, and entirely on the mainland:
No further North than 67
No further East than 58
No further West than 43
No further South than 52

Competitors will be free to start and finish anywhere they please.
One passage control/checkpoint will be set up by the organisers as near as possible to the centre of the defined area, which all crews must visit at some point in the evening.
Clues/instructions will be issued at 19:30 hours and photographic responses will be required to be submitted by 21:30 hours.

As this is a trial event it will be free to enter – competitors need only complete the online registration form below:
Registration form here: https://forms.gle/XUWqmcA3xZji74fh9

At least one member of the crew will need be a member of C&A Motor Club. If you need to join or renew your membership, got to the page: Become A Member

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