'Control' Magazine

Read editions of 'Control', the Club's magazine as they come available.

'Control' magazine is no longer being produced.


We are pleased that ‘Control’ is back and are grateful to Francine for the work she is putting in.
Although the majority of our members have internet access and are able to check our website regularly, it has been a concern that some people have not been receiving any information by the traditional method.
Editions of ‘Control’ will be published on the website and paper copies mailed out to members who require it.

We now hope that everyone will be regularly kept up to date with events, but if you know of anyone who is not receiving a copy by one method or another, please let us know.

Control Edition 2019 - 1 February

Control Edition 2018 - 3 August
Control Edition 2018 - 2 July ........ A correction to this edition: In the article about the Land Rover anniversary, the date of the event should read 23rd June, not July.
Control Edition 2018 - 1 Jan Feb
Control Edition 2017 - 5 Nov Dec
Control Edition 2017 - 4 October
Control Edition 2017 - 3 September
Control Edition 2017 - 2 August
Control Edition 2017 - 1 July

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