Caernarvonshire & Anglesey Motor Club Ltd

Promoting Motorsport in North Wales since 1936

The Caernarvonshire and Anglesey Motor Club was formed in Bangor in 1936 with the aim, as recorded in the first Minute Book, of: “the encouragement and protection of motoring interests in this district”.

Find out more about the full history of the club.

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Welcome to the website of the Caernarvonshire & Anglesey Motor Club.

Find out about our various activities; how to become a member; see information about forthcoming events; view reports, results and photos of past events.

Clink on the links below for the latest information, reports and photos:
Autotest Summer Autotest Series - Round 1; 21st May 2021
Autotest Summer Series - Round 2; 4th June 2021
August Scatter; 29th August 2021
Kennings Trophy Autotest & PCA; 19th September 2021
Cefni Garage Targa Rally; 23rd October 2021
Pentraeth Glyn Memorial Stages; 20/21 November 2021
Beespeed J.J.Brown Memorial Rally; 4/5 December 2021

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  • Welsh Association of Motor Clubs
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