Autotest & PCA Summer Series Round 2

4 Jun 2021

The second of a series of six Friday evening autotests at Anglesey Showground.

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Results and standings below. Report to follow.

Results and Standings

Results for the second round of the Summer Series available here: Round 2 results

Positions after round two of the Autotest and PCA Summer Series are here: Standings after Round 2

Information, Regulations and Entries

Following a very successful first round, we are very pleased to announce the continued running of the Summer Series Autotests and PCA, which is both a welcome return to motorsport and for the club to Anglesey Showground.
Whilst we will endeavour to run these events as ‘normally’ as possible, we hope you appreciate the challenges faced by the organisers and will co-operate as best possible with the guidance in place.
We hope that you can join us in embracing (or at the very least accepting) the additional requirements relating to Covid-19 controls & compliance to ensure that the event can run, with minimal detriment to the competitive element.

This event will be using the TimingAppLive entry management, timing and results system, which will allow for simple entry submission and ‘Live’ results for the event.

This event is being held under the Covid-19 guidelines issued by the Welsh Assembly Government and Motorsport UK and it is important to highlight the following points:
- Double driven entries will be permitted, however both drivers must wear a face covering whilst in the vehicle and must sanitise contact surfaces between drivers.
- No additional persons may accompany any driver. If a driver requires another person for vehicle transport reasons, etc., please contact organisers to discuss.
- Spectators are not allowed at the venue. This will be controlled at the entrance to the venue.
- Communications will be entirely electronic.
- Competitors will be required to print their own test diagrams.
- The entry form includes the Motorsport UK signing on declaration for the event. BOTH must be completed and submitted online before the closing date. This form includes a declaration that your car is eligible for the event. The scrutineer will only examine selected cars if they deem it necessary. Please read the Covid-19 section of the declaration before signing.
- You will not be able to apply for the RS Clubman Licence or C&AMC club membership at the event so please apply online to Motorsport UK and/or C&AMC to avoid disappointment.
- If deemed necessary, competitors may be split into groups. Each group shall include a set of test marshals.
- No members of any group shall mix with other groups, this requirement extends to the paddock as well as on tests. Competitors should look to maintain this requirement when making use of shared venue facilities.
- As with all events, we will require marshals to run the event, however, may we please remind marshals that they are to follow the Motorsport UK Covid 19 Guidance as per competitors.

SUPPLEMENTARY REGULATIONS are available here - Summer Series Round 2 SRs
** An amendment to Supplementary Regulation 4 is issued here - Round 2 Bulletin 1

ONLINE ENTRY FORM available here - Summer Series Round 2 Entry Form. Please select the correct Event Type option - Autotest or PCA.

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