Stuff The Turkey PCA

30 Dec 2023

Our annual post Christmas event that has been a regular, popular occasion over the years.

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This is a report by Lee Matthews on how his day went - many thanks Lee:

A family day out at the seaside ………… with the weather forecast saying a storm was due on the day of the Stuff the Turkey Production Car Autotest at Trac Môn, I chose to use a car with a roof. Thus, the sixty-year-old Consul Capri GT was dug out of storage. My best friend’s daughter, Sioned Evans agreed to navigate for me on her first ever motorsport event, so we were set.
Test A was in and around the Parc Ferme paddocks. The reverse into the "garage" cost a bit of time as the car needs coaxing into reverse gear and will not be hurried. I found the original steering box set-up very heavy in these low-speed manoeuvres, but enjoyed "throwing the line" near the finish, even if I did clip a cone on one occasion. After our four runs at this test site, it was time for the lunch break and a good excuse to get out of the sideways rain.
Next we moved to site B in the old pit-lane. This was pretty much just a long slalom followed by two throw lines and a squiggle between two rows of tyres which we nearly clipped twice. This was my favourite test as the car only really comes alive once we get into 2nd gear, which was the long slalom. We also nailed all the downhill throw lines, although I clipped a cone once whilst continuing the 360 spin to go around the back of the line. Here the rain really came down and the timekeeper, Carey Lindley was getting pelted.
Test site C was at the rear of the venue, and this year had us doing a 470 degree turn around a cone in the centre of the old gun-turret. This test was by far the most technical and tight, and as the day progressed into darkness the area in front of the raised gun-turret filled up with water, creating a ford to splash through. This actually ended my wife and son’s day when their Nova drowned out here as they were one of the last to tackle the ever deepening water. Sioned and I had a good first run, but on the second attempt I was so focused on getting the 470 turn correct that I missed the first Triangle out, collecting a Wrong Test maximum. Good job we could drop one score for results. Sioned made sure I went the correct way the last two attempts with no issues.
The final site, D, was on the top car park area. I found the reversing on this one awkward, what with a steamed up rear window and diminishing sunlight. That's my excuse for hitting a cone again, but I really enjoyed the last 90 left down to the finish.
It was novel to be using headlamps on an Autotest and encouraging to have a full 40 car entry list. Massive thanks to the brave marshals in that atrocious weather and everyone that helped the event take place.
Due to the late hour we all headed home and awaited results by e-mail. Ben Jones / Teleri Jones won the event in a Fiesta Mk5 1.7, whilst Sioned and I finished 17th over-all and 5th in the rear-wheel-drive Class B.

Had a great time and the Capri ran faultlessly on it's very first Autotest. Thank you all.
I was delighted to see my wife Yvonne return to the driver's seat after a few years away from autotesting, and really enjoyed sharing Elis' Nova. Their day ended on their last test site when the car drowned out in that deep puddle on the way onto the old gun turret and would not restart. Elis was gutted, as he felt on that test it was the first time everything went perfect and was on for a great time on that test. Strong performances on the other three sites, so maybe not last after all.
Then there was Sion and his girlfriend Winnie who shared our Blue '07 Fiesta Mk6. Sion was in 'play' mode, so maybe not as quick as he could be, but entertaining nonetheless, whilst Winnie improves every event, as long as Sion doesn't pull the handbrake when she is not expecting it!!

The Matthews Auto Salvage giveaway winners Eleri and Catrin enjoyed themselves; glad the car held out, other than a puncture, nice to see so many ladies have a go.
The heroes were the marshals who stood out in all that wind, rain and, in the end, darkness as the event ran late due the encouragingly large entry. First time we needed lights on the car for an Autotest. Thank you marshals Jamie Jones (Clerk of the Course), John Evans, Gruffydd Thomas, Carey Lindley, Gavin Rees, and Tecwyn Jones, who was smart enough to stand in a marshal post out of the rain on my favourite test site (B), and Ifor Davies (Steward), and Dafydd Edwards for everything paperwork. And, of course, our thanks to the Staff at Trac Môn, especially the girls in the café, which we needed to warm up. Another great event by Caernarvonshire & Anglesey Motor Club. Happy New Year.

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Final Instruction available here:


This is our last event of 2023; held at Trac Môn/Anglesey Circuit, an experienced team will again be organising this event.
The Supplementary Regulations are now available below.
Access to the online entry form is here: Stuff The Turkey PCA 2023 Entry Form
List of entries received to date is here: Stuff The Turkey Entries

Competitors will require a 2023 Motorsport UK Competition Licence of minimum grade RS Clubman. The RS Clubman licence is available free of charge (see below) and please apply in good time if you don't already have one. It is your responsibility to have your licence, which has to be noted on your entry form. Please ensure that you bring your competition licence and club memberships cards with you for examination if required.
Drivers who do not hold a full, valid RTA licence may enter provided their navigator holds a full, valid RTA licence.
The minimum age of a PCA driver is 14 years and PCA passenger is 12. For a driver who does not hold a valid, full RTA licence, the vehicle must by definition be a ‘Touring Car’; the vehicle engine capacity must not exceed 2000cc including forced induction; also, a passenger must be carried who holds a valid RTA licence and be experienced in Autotests or Autosolos.

Applications for a Motorsport UK competition licence should be made here: Licence application. ....... there is no charge!
If required, the parental consent form for under 18 year old is available here: Parental Consent Form

If you require membership of C&A Motor Club, you may apply here: Become A Member

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