Lucas Oil Rali Menai Stages

11 Jun 2023

A new event on the C&A Motor Club calendar, held at Trac Môn/Anglesey Circuit and organised by a team with plenty of experience.

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Stage times available here: Stage Times

The seeded list of entries is available here: Lucas Oil Rali Menai Stages seeded list of entries

Information on the virtual notice board is here: Notice Board

Final Instruction for the event are available below.

Information, Regulations and Entries

This is a one-day event, held on Sunday, 11th June at Trac Môn, organised by the very experienced team that runs the Pentraeth Glyn Memorial Stages in November each year. The event is a round of the ANWCC and Welsh championships and we are opening for entries at 20.00 hours on Tuesday, 25th April.

We are very pleased to welcome Lucas Oil as our event sponsor. With their European headquarters located on Anglesey and with their rich history in motorsport, Lucas Oil and Rali Menai are the perfect combination and we look forward to growing the event with their support over the coming years. There are some exciting times to come for this event and we hope you will join us on that journey.
We are pleased to be a qualifying round of the following - The JD Tyres Welsh National Tarmacadam Championship; and the ANWCC Stage Rally, Ladies Rally and Allrounders championships, plus the ANWCC North Wales Stage Rally Challenge and the Glynne Edwards Memorial Championship.
The event will use most of the roads within the confines of Trac Môn/Anglesey Circuit and we aim to run 8 stages with a total of 55 competitive stage miles.
We also welcome Special Stage to our event. They will be live streaming throughout the day on Facebook and on their online platform. They will also produce a highlights package which will be shown on Sky, Freeview, Facebook and YouTube after the event.

A copy of the Supplementary Regulations is available below.
Access to the online entry form is here: Lucas Oil Rali Menai Stages entry form.

The unseeded list of fully paid-up entries received to date is here: Lucas Oil Rali Menai Stages Unseeded Entry List

Officials and marshals are invited to sign-on here, please: Officials Signing-On

Competition Licences, Club Membership and Signing-On

The event is open to all fully elected members of the organising club and members of clubs in either the Association of North Western Car Clubs (ANWCC) or the Welsh Association of Motor Clubs (WAMC).
If you require membership of C&A Motor Club you may renew your membership or make a new application here: Become A Member

Please note that you will require a Motorsport UK competition licence of the appropriate grade - see Chart 26 in Section H of the 2023 Motorsport Yearbook (Blue Book).
Applications for a Motorsport UK competition licences should be made here: Licence application.

You will need to upload images of your 2023 competition licence and valid current club membership card and to do this you access your Entry Home Page via the link in the acknowledgement of entry email you have been sent.
Signing-on is online and is available until 18.00 hours on Monday, 5th June. Access is as above via your Entry Home Page.

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