Kennings Trophy Autotest & PCA

10 Sept 2023

Having failed to secure a venue for the event in 2022, we are pleased that we are able to return to Trac Môn for this year's edition. The autotest is a qualifying round of the Motorsport UK, BTRDA, ANWCC and C&AMC championships.

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Results for the Autotest and PCA available below.

Many congratulation to Willie Keaning on the Autotest win; to Phil Roberts on coming first in the PCA; and to the class winners on their success. Very many thanks to all the marshals for their hard work through quite a long day.

Photos in the Gallery below and here: 2023 Kennings PCA Gallery

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The Supplementary Regulations and Final Instructions for both the Autotest and PCA are available below and access to the online entry forms are here: Autotest and PCA Online Entry
You will also find diagrams of the test sites for both events here.


Following the success of previous events at Trac Môn/Anglesey Circuit, we are pleased to have secured the same venue for this year. Those that have competed at this venue previously will know that it provides a spectacular setting, and we look forward to welcoming you there once more.
As is now becoming pretty much the norm, the provisional and final results will be computed using smart phones and Sapphire Solutions’ TimingAppLive.

Competitors will require a 2023 Motorsport UK Competition Licence of minimum grade RS Clubman. The RS Clubman licence is available free of charge (see below) and please apply in good time if you don't already have one to avoid disappointment. It is your responsibility to have your licence, which has to be noted on your entry form. Please ensure that you bring your competition licence, championship registration form and club memberships cards with you for examination if required.

The autotest is a qualifying round of the following 2023 championships:
Motorsport UK British Autotest Championship
demon tweeks BTRDA Autotest Championship
BTRDA Allrounders Championship
ANWCC Autotest Championship
ANWCC Allrounders Championship
C&A Motor Club Championships

The PCA is a round of the following 2023 championships:
ANWCC Production Car Autotest Championship
ANWCC All-rounders Championship
Relevant C&A Motor Club championships

Applications for a Motorsport UK competition licence should be made here: Licence application.
If required, the parental consent form for under 18 year old is available here: Parental Consent Form

If you require membership of C&A Motor Club, you may renew your membership or make a new application here: Become A Member

  • Motorsports UK
  • Association of North Western Car Clubs
  • Welsh Association of Motor Clubs
  • Pentraeth Group