Top Chicane PCA & AUTOTEST

7 Apr 2024

The PCAs we ran towards the end of last year proved very popular. Here is another opportunity for anyone to have a go at some straightforward tests. We have also included an Autotest section on this occassion.

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Very many thanks to Lee Matthews for this report on the event.

Exceptionally strong winds and a high tide battered the shores around Track Món/Anglesey Circuit on the weekend of 6th/7th April. Come bright and early Sunday morning, many of the cones I had set up the previous day on the three test sites around the old top chicane were now all over the place, and some had to be doubled up or replaced with heavier ones.
After signing-on and a short briefing inside the office building, everyone followed me through the test sites on foot, explaining what was required as we went around, and correcting top drivers Endaf Davies and Phil Roberts who had walked the wrong side of a cone. This saved many from wrongtests on their first timed run. Best to get the errors out of the way without a stopwatch.
We were a little short of marshals to run everything at once, so test site C was postponed, making sure we had adequate personnel on sites A & B, the longer of the three test sites.
The solo “Autotesters” got the event underway at about 10:30, the first car away being Stephen Morten in the Striker. It looked like we got the seeding correct at this point, as times for the four Autotesters were Stephen 90.1 secs, Chris Chapman (Striker) 90.3, Ian Chapman (Riot) 90.4 and Gordon Holmes, still running-in his new 1600 Vauxhall powered Westfield on 94.4.
As these cars only have first and reverse gears, the tests were tweaked to compensate; on site A & C by adding in a reverse-through line half way down the fastest straight, and on site B a 360 around a cone in a narrow layby halfway down the straight between the buildings.
In the PCA, which is for road-type cars with a passenger (navigator), Elis Matthews was fastest on the opening test with a time of 95.7 seconds, some 4 seconds quicker than anyone else. Unfortunately, his Vauxhall Nova broke on Test 2 when the gearbox mounting failed. After deciding it was terminal both he and his mum, Yvonne, who was a dual-entry in the car, volunteered to marshal, so we were able to start test site C a little earlier than planned.
On Test 1 there were a number of wrong tests for the PCA crews, despite walking them. Like Mark Campbell, who decided to rely solely on his navigator for directions, which is a mistake in Autotests, where everything happens so fast it is not easy to give direction instructions, and they inevitably went wrong. Bernie Roberts had not extra-inflated the tyres on his Fiat Panda and knocked the tyre off the rim when executing a reverse throw, and a couple of the newcomers took a little while to acclimatise to Autotesting, so hesitated, or went wrong.

At the halfway lunch break, after 2 rounds, Sion Matthews in the blue 1250cc Fiesta Mk6 had etched out a 15 second advantage over a gaggle of drivers vying for the next few places. Phil Roberts in the MX5 was one-tenth of a second up on Endaf Davies, with Kevin Kerr and Tom Thomas, who were sharing a Mazda MX5 were just one second apart, a cone penalty was all that had put them 5 seconds behind the two ahead of them. It was close.
At the restart, a hail and rain downpour darkened the clear skies we had been enjoying. The open-topped Autotesters got soaked but were more concerned with the stinging effect of the hail in their faces when driving into the very strong wind. Fortunately, this relented after about fifteen minutes, and the sun came out to dry the tarmac for the final fourth round.
Bookies favourite, Chris Chapman took over the lead from Test 2, and increased his lead to win with a time of 784.6 secs. Stephen had to do a re-run of Site C when the stopwatch failed, and he collected a line fault on that re-run, the five seconds added meaning he ended in third place behind Ian Chapman, 2.1 secs separating them, with Gordon just 17 seconds slower. The modified tests seemed to work well for these specialist Autotest cars, and they all want to come back next time.
The PCA battles raged all day, the newcomers getting to grips with the courses now and enjoying every second of throwing the bigger cars around. Gabi Tsantanis was improving all the time until a reverse flick beached the Fiesta in the very soft grass verge, gaining her a maximum time. She received the Best Lady driver award.
Alex Swindall on his first PCA was having a ball sliding the MX5 around but collected a load of cones on the slippery site C to his amusement.
Mark Campbell was fastest on the last test of the day, getting better and faster all day in the Escort Mk2 rally car, once he knew where he was going. He climbed up to 8th place at the end.

The event was won by Sion Matthews, who’s consistent and tidy, penalty-free driving style ended on 840.8 seconds in the Fiesta Mk6. John Roberts dual-entered the car with him, and John also collected an award, for best Novice driver in 9th place overall.
Endaf Davies would just pip Phil Roberts by 4.1 seconds for the runner-up spot. Phil had collected a 5 second cone fault, whilst Endaf conceded a 6-second stall. But it could have been a whole different outcome, as Endaf was about to go the wrong side of a cone on site B, but his vigilant navigator, 13-year-old Iwan Davies, saved his bacon by correcting his dad in the nick of time. No wonder Endaf was so emotional giving the awards presentation speech.
Fourth to sixth were separated by just 2.6 seconds, Iwan Evans’ Fiesta Mk6 splitting the dual entered green Mazda MX5, with recent J.J. Brown Memorial Rally winner Kevin Kerr taking that 4th place overall.
This was Ben Thompson’s first PCA where reversing is included, and was awarded 3rd in the FWD class A, driving the blue Ford Ka Sport to 7th over-all.
Macauley Roberts threw the little red Lupo around with enthusiasm all day to finish in the top 10, whilst Leigh Lewis/Molly Jones rounded out the 14 finishers in the black Corsa, having wrongtested a few in the beginning. We all start somewhere. Keep smiling.

Shout out to the officials, Dafydd, Ivor, Duncan, Jamie, Laura, Rob, John, Paul, Elis, Yvonne, the ladies in the catering van, and to the staff at Trac Món for accommodating us.~
The event was applauded by all present, with the last test finished at about 3pm. Hope to see you all (and more) at the next one.

Many congratulations to all the award winners and well done to all competitors; thanks for supporting the event. Huge thanks once more to all the marshals for officiating and ensuring that the event went ahead under very difficult conditions.

FINAL POSITIONS - Detailed results for both the Autotest and PCA are available below.
1st - Sion Matthews / John B Roberts; Class A; Blue Fiesta Mk6 1242; 840.8 seconds - FTD
2nd - Endaf Davies / Iwan Davies (J); A; Red Fiesta Mk6 1400; 872.8 - 1st Class A
3rd - Phillip Roberts / Ella Williams (JL); B; Silver MX5 1800; 876.9 - 1st Class B
4th - Kevin Kerr / Tom Thomas; B; Green MX5 1600; 909.9 - 2nd Class B
5th - Iwan Evans / Gabi Tsantanis (L); A; Blue Fiesta Mk6 1242; 910.0 - 2nd Class A
6th - Tom Thomas / Kevin Kerr; B; Green MX5 1800; 912.5 - 3rd Class B
7th - Ben Thompson / Owain Lee Atkinson; A; Blue KA Sport 1600; 943.8 - 3rd Class A
8th - Mark Campbell / Wayne Allman; B; White Escort Mk2 2000; 976.8
9th - John B Roberts / Sion Matthews; A; Blue Fiesta 1242; 987.0 - 1st Novice
10th - Macauley Roberts / Osian Gwyn; A; Red Fiat Lupo 1000; 1004.0
11th - Gabi Tsantanis (L) / Iwan Evans; A; Blue Fiesta Mk6 1242; 1033.4 - 1st Lady
12th - Bernie Roberts / Lisa Roberts (L); A; Gold Fiat Panda 1200; 1065.9
13th - Alex Swindell / Wayne Allman; B; Green MX5 1800; 1152.8
14th - Leigh Lewis / Molly Jones (L); A; Black Corsa C 1400; 1168.4
Retired - Elis Matthews / Yvonne Matthews (L); A; Blue Nova 1400; Gearbox mount
Retired - Yvonne Matthews (L) / Elis Matthews; A; Blue Nova 1400; Gearbox mount
16 starters / 14 Finishers
1st - Christopher Chapman; C; Green Striker 1800; 784.6 - FTD
2nd - Ian Chapman; C; Red Riot 1800; 818.6 - 1st Class C
3rd - Steve Morten; C; Orange Striker 1800; 820.7 - 2nd Class C
4th - Gordon Holmes; C; Red Westfield 1600; 837.5 - 3rd Class C


We have been able to include an Autotest with the PCA on the day. A Motorsport UK Permit has been issued and the Supplementary Regulations are available below. The online entry form now includes the PCA and Autotest options.
A copy of the test diagrams is also available below.


Scroll down for the Supplementary Regulations and Test Diagrams.

The 2024 C&A Motor Club StreetCar series kicks off with a Production Car Autotest (PCA) and Autotest at Trac Môn on Sunday 7th April, around the top buildings area. These events are suitable for standard every-day road cars, although having a good handbrake will make the day much more enjoyable. A passenger (navigator) is required for the PCA, and you can even dual enter in the same car, doubling the fun. Test diagrams will be published on this page in due course, which will be mainly forward, although there are reversing elements. The tests will be suitable for beginners as well as the more experienced competitors.
Please read the event regulations below to ensure that you don’t fall foul of any rules.

Drivers and passengers will require a valid C&A Motor Club membership card and a 2024 Motorsport UK Competition Licence of at least RS Clubman grade. The RS Clubman licence is available free of charge online here – RS Clubman Licence Application
You may renew or apply for C&A Motor Club membership here - Become A Member

The minimum age for a PCA driver is 14 years and a PCA passenger, 12 years old. If the driver does not hold a full driving licence, they must carry a passenger who holds a valid licence and be experienced in Autotests or Autosolos. Minimum Autotest competitor’s age is 16, or 14 up to 2000cc including forced induction.

Supplementary Regulations are available below.
Access to the entry form is here (please select the appropriate event): Top Chicane PCA & Autotest Entry Form

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