Trac Môn Targa Rally

21 Oct 2018

This will be the first Targa Rally to be organised by C&A Motor Club.

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A report on the event is reproduced below. Many thanks to Duncan Littler for the use of his photos in the slideshow.

Award Winners.
1st overall: Car 9, Endaf Jones/Heddwyn Jones; Citoen Saxo VTS – 2,969 penalty.
1st Class 1: Car 2, Owain Rowlands/Phil Sant; Mazda MX-R5 – 2,980 pen.
2nd Class 1: Car 3, Alistair Dodd/Lewis Griffiths; Nissan Micra – 3,100 pen.
3rd Class 1: Car 4, Edward Wain/Hannah Harding; MG ZR – 3,272 pen.
1st Class 2: Car 15, Ryan Swain/James Wolstenholme; Volkswagen Golf – 3,204 pen.
2nd Class 2: Car 13, Robert Owen/John Owen; Citroen Saxo – 3,388 pen.
3rd Class 2: Car 12, Dewi Jones/Iwan Jones; Mazda MX5 - 3,431 pen.
1st Class 3: Car 26, Aron Jones/Ricky Howel; Peugeot 206 – 3,129 pen.
2nd Class 3: Car 20, Carey Lindley/Iolo Hughes; Ford Fiesta – 3,216 pen.
3rd Class 3: Car 42, Ifan Devine/Thomas Devine; Citroen Saxo VTR – 3,233 pen.
Best Mixed crew not winning any other award: Car 28, Dylan Jones/Annabelle McDermott; Vauxhall Corsa – 3,251 pen.
Best under 1400cc crew not winning any other award: Car 23, Elwyn Pritchard/Vaughan Jones; Vauxhall Corsa – 3,270 pen.

Final results now available with apologies for the delay.
Results in position order - Final Results Position Order
Results in start order - Final Results Start Order


The following report is reproduced from the November 2018 edition of the SD34 Motorsport Group's Spotlight magazine by kind permission of Maurice Ellison and thanks to Alistair Dodd, who finished third overall on the event.

One small step for Targa's, one giant opportunity for rallying?
On the 21st October 2018 I embarked on C&As Trac Mon Targa Rally, special for being held entirely within the confines of the Anglesey race circuit.
C&A faced a battle to convince people of it's relevance, being held entirely on one venue, with many calling this a glorified Autotest – I can categorically quash those rumours, it felt like any other Targa rally except you stopped every 5 tests – this had a great advantage over other Targas in that it allowed you to have discussions with your fellow competitors about the many antics you'd just gotten up to!
The event did lack a little bit of that sense of adventure you get on many of these types of events but with Anglesey as its base, the event had excellent facilities and meant friends an family could come and spectate and really help to build an atmosphere, not to mention it's quite nice being able to have basic comforts!

On a personal note, my event started badly when, through a miscommunication between me and the organisers, the tyres I turned up to use weren't allowed. A quick change to 15yr old “Stunners” which had been “found” in the back of the garage meant a less than ideal situation to find myself in. They had slightly hardened over their 15 years of storage and so I had several moments which were ideal for conversing with our fellow competitors during each rest halt. The event was impeccably run by Huw Gwyn Jones and his team along with all the marshals who stood out in Anglesey's traditional 4 seasons-in-a-day weather. It was an absolute delight to take part.
I was delighted to finish 3rd O/A, which was very much unexpected but probably helped lead me towards my thoughts on the journey home. They went something like this;

The events value for money was phenomenal – we took 50min to complete the day, all for just £85, and we got fed - my most important criteria, (it was lob-scows which was more than satisfactory). So this made me think, had I just partaken in the best, most affordable way for people to enter rallying? My costs were, £85 entry, £30 fuel and that was it, nothing else, the tyres I used were 15 years old after all, the car had no damage with it being a tarmac venue and so it could be used again now.
I often compare rallying to my other hobby of cricket to emphasise my point – the last stage rally I did cost the equivalent of 600 games of cricket, put another way, a lifetimes playing for a day out – no wonder people don't do rallying! However once people start, it is the most addictive form of sport there is; people can and do progress to other things within rallying.
So how about now???
Buy a £300 car(the cost of mine) and pay £115 total to thrash it for a day – now that is something millions of people could afford - and if the format is spread across the country to other single venue events – Could this new format be a boom for rallying that it desperately needs?? For me the answer is an unequivocal YES!
Now personally, I quite fancy a go around Oulton Park, anyone else??

Alistair Dodd


Seeded entry list now published: Seeded List
Final Instructions to competitors available here: Trac Môn Targa Final Instructions
Site plan for the event at Trac Môn / Anglesey Circuit: Trac Môn Targa Site Plan

Information and Entries

The event will be based at Trac Môn, Anglesey and is open to C&A Motor Club members only. Application forms are available at the Members page.

Supplementary Regulations now available here: Trac Môn Targa Rally Supplementary Regulations
Online entry form available here: Entry Form
Fully paid entries are listed here: Unseeded Entry List

Competitors under 18 years of age who do not have a parent, guardian or carer attending the event, will have to be accompanied by an authorised person to countersign at signing-on. The authorised person will have to show a consent form signed by the competitor's parent, guardian or carer. The appropriate form is available here: Parental Consent Authorisation Form

Competitors who are not members of C&A Motor Club may join on the day by completing the application form available on the Members section of this website. Complete the form in advance and bring it with you to the event, together with the fee, for membership that will be valid to 31st October 2019.


Events cannot run without marshals and this applies to the Trac Môn Targa. If you are able to assist at all, please contact the Chief Marshal, Deio Hughes, on 0787 6786250, but not before 6.00pm or after 9.00pm please.

Clerk of the Course

Huw Gwyn Jones

Deputy Clerk of the Course

Jamie Jones

Deputy Clerk of the Course

Will Hughes

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