New Law on Closed Roads in Wales

3 Feb 2018

The Welsh Government has introduced laws to enable closed-road events in Wales.

Closed Roads Now Possible

Following a consultation, the Welsh Government has now published a statutory instrument facilitating closed-road motor sport in Wales. As in England, it names the MSA as the authorising bodies for closed-road motor sport events.
The development introduces new laws facilitating closed-road events that came into force on 2nd February following a long campaign by the MSA and the motor sport community and mirrors legislation that commenced in England on 10 April 2017. The new law will allow local authorities to suspend the Road Traffic Act for authorised motor sport events, without requiring individual Acts of Parliament.
Rob Jones, MSA Chief Executive is quoted as saying: “It’s no understatement to say that this development will literally change the landscape of Welsh motor sport, providing opportunities to take the sport to new areas of the country on closed public roads. Wales is already recognised globally for its motor sport heritage and this development will add significantly to the country’s pre-eminence in the sport.”
However, we are unlikely to see a full blown Rally on closed public roads in Wales in the immediate future. Any event of this nature will take time to plan, is going to attract very high costs, required huge manpower and will need good inter-club co-operation.

  • Motorsports UK
  • Association of North Western Car Clubs
  • Welsh Association of Motor Clubs
  • Pentraeth Group