Land Rover Celebrations

24 Jun 2018

It is seventy years since the production of the first Land Rover and C&A Motor Club members were invited to be part of the celebrations.

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Seventy Years of the Land Rover

In 1948, Maurice Wilkes, drew his first idea for the design of the Land Rover in the sand at Red Wharf Bay. To mark the seventieth anniversary, the Land Rover Series One Club (LRSOC) recreated that drawing on the same beach using over 350 Series One Land Rovers. The event took place on a sunny Saturday, 23rd June, and some of our members turned out to assist with the arrangements.
Whilst the main organisers from the LRSOC marked out the site, Land Rovers arrived in their droves from about 11.30am onwards down the narrow lane from Pentraeth and it became quite a task to park them all in the available safe space. Although the tide was well out there were many areas of soft, wet sand and one or two vehicles needed a helping hand. By 2.00pm the Land Rovers had been directed into place and a fantastic outline of the vehicle had been created as shown in the aerial photo taken by Dylan Vaughan Jones (see slideshow). Thanks Dylan for permission to use his photo.
The LRSOC were based at the Anglesey Showground over the weekend and on the Sunday had arranged for their members to visit Newborough Forest, where the prototype Land Rover was tested amongst the dunes.

More photos to be seen in the gallery - Land Rover Anniversary

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