The C & A Motor Club was formed in Bangor in 1936 with the aim, as recorded in the first Minute Book, of: “the encouragement and protection of motoring interests in this district”.

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Incentives for Competitors   -   £25 for a Class win

The Committee have agreed a scheme to reward successful C&A MC competitors who promote the Club in motorsport through association.

Successful members will be able to claim £25 from the club for a class win on any non-C&A MC organised  MSA National B or higher permit Motorsport event of which the C&A MC is an eligible club through invitation or membership of Association (ANWCC or WAMC championship rounds)

To be eligible for the scheme the member must apply in writing to the CAMC Secretary within 2 calendar months of the event, including copies of official results and entry lists showing C&A MC as a Club represented by the member.  Where the class win is by a “Crew”  both crew members must be shown as C&A MC members. The claimant/s must be fully paid up member/s of the club. There is no limit on the number of events that an individual member can claim for, subject to above.

Unless committee awards otherwise, only one member will be eligible for the Sponsorship Scheme per event. Where more than one member applies for class wins on the same event the C&A MC committee will decide who the award will go to.

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